Project |04

Hedgehog and Crocodile 

about Hedgehog and Crocodile ...


Initially, our project team wanted to create a 2D animation evoking a pastiche sensibility. We used different materials for the pastiche to replace the color block and attempted to create a brand new object. Ultimately we settled on a hedgehog and alligator for the script because within our forest there were many different material textures and this eminently suited the ambience we set out to create. The synopsis of this story is: a hedgehog rambles around the forest and, while crossing a river, carelessly mistakes an alligator’s back for being a stone that he can jump on to get over to the other side. The alligator was just settling in to take a rest when he is thusly disturbed. He gets very angry and wants to teach the hedgehog a lesson. He follows the hedgehog but while on his trail nothing seems to go his way and finally his life is ironically saved by the hedgehog.


  We used Flash to complete the entire animation and the sections I was in charge of were background, animation, film editing, and music editing.




  We assembled a variety of materials to create the feel of a forest. After piecing together some of the materials we followed this up by using Photoshop to make some adjustments and afterwards arranged it with several other additional materials. After experimenting with this repeatedly we finally settled on several types of materials to serve as the background forest.