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   My Fantasy, My World was a competition held by Lexus that I participated in. My entry was completed as part of a hard-working three person team and the section I was responsible for was the storyboard drafting, film footage, costume, and a section of the 2-D graphic drawings. We thought of trying to use stop motion, because stop motion could provide our protagonist with the space to exhibit her imaginative capacity and we could use a hand drawing approach to add graphics and fill out to the scene. The aim of the story was to express the ego or the self, and the synopsis follows: When a commonplace and ordinary woman with a life devoid of any particular event or interest picks up a painting brush, she then fully enters her own painting and creates a world vivid with color. Within the paintings she creates, and in keeping with the rise and fall of the year’s four seasons, her life brims with fantasy and pleasant surprises. In so doing she presents a great contrast to the bland person that she is in reality.



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Story Board...

  The storyboard was thought up and developed by our group together and then given to the guiding professor to revise. I was responsible for using SAI to draw the storyboards. In the story, we depicted a woman’s rich and diverse imaginative capacity via our representations of the four seasons of the year. We then added elements emblematic of these four seasons into our scenes. For instance, spring is represented by flowers, summer by the marine world at the bottom of the sea, autumn by art and fallen leaves, and winter features withered tree branches and snow. We then took all of these elements, blended them together, and finally returned to the woman painting them on the screen to serve as the film’s ending.


  We wanted to depict how this woman picking up a paintbrush could have her life suddenly transform into a vivid and brilliant, rich and diverse experience. And thus we used the seasons of the year to portray the fact that by simply picking up a paintbrush the woman could allow her imagination to run riot and be as variegated as the four beautiful seasons. We devoted one day to shooting the entire stop motion footage in a room. Afterwards, we used Photoshop to change the hues and have them be in keeping with the colors of the four seasons. We also used SAI to paint the women’s paintings and the objects representing the four seasons. Most special of all was the summer season. We wished to present a sense that the girl was hidden within the ocean and to create this feeling we placed cellophane in front of the camera lens during our shoots.

My Fantasy, My World

Project |02

Director / 3D modeling /
3D Texture / VFX artist / 2D artist 
Project |01 Multiverse

My graduation project in my undergrad. I was in the position of director. 

A story about scientist, James Franco,invented a potion called “hyper sense liquid” that heightened a person’s spiritual link between himself and his counterpart in multiverse; James Franco traveled through multiverse by the hyper sense liquid, searching his beloved wife who passed away in a tragic car accident.                                       



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